Norwegian Quality

Our close cooperation with one of the world's largest fish oil suppliers has resulted in an Omega-3 series supported by years of clinical research. Norway is known for quality and all our products are manufactured in Norway and comply with Norwegian and European food safety requirements.

The series contains different concentrations with a very high content of EPA and DHA created through high vacuum molecular distillation. Mild enzymatic treatment reduces the risk of oxidative by-products and trans fatty acids. The oil is handled and treated under a competent HACCP system in accordance with FDA HACCP Regulation 21 CFR 123 for the EU and USA.

The quality system throughout the production is based on the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), which also uses IP certified antioxidant solutions to ensure that the products are 100% GMO free.

Norwegian Purity deliver natural and pure Omega-3 of the highest quality

Our products are subject to strict specification tests, from the raw materials to finished products. We have control points all the way that allows us to track a batch from finished product and back to the fishing boat.

Our products are completely free of pollutants, heavy metals and chemicals. They consist of at least 90% triglycerides and are steamed for better smell and taste. Omega-3 comes from nature, but it is also possible to produce omega-3 in an artificial or synthetic form called ethyl ester. Clinical studies show that the body has a better uptake of EPA and DHA in triglyceride form versus ethyl ester form. With 90% triglycerides in our products, this is the closest you get to nature without eating fish.

Third Party Testing

For you as a customer, our partners and our own safety, our raw materials and entire production are quality assured through Informed-Sport. Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products and is the only laboratory for the approval of health food products for the Norwegian Olympics.

Before the oil is sealed, it passes through stringent quality controls, under the membership of GOED, Friend of the Sea, REACH. And with a GMP standard, this provides a strong quality basis throughout the process. Even athletes should be safe with Norwegian Purity.