Norwegian Purity deliver natural and pure Omega-3 of the highest quality

Our close cooperation with one of the world's largest fish oil supplier has resulted in an Omega-3 series supported by years of clinical research.

Here you can see the EPA and DHA content in our capsules compare to other products

Standard krill oil:

200 mg/g*

Standard 30% fish oil:

260 mg/g*

Norwegian Purity

860 mg/g*

There are different Omega-3 fatty acids and not all of them have documented effect.

The main Omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA.

Most people have learned that Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good health, but many people do not know that it’s only the EPA and DHA content that is important when we talk about most documented health effects.

It will not give you much benefits to consume an Omega-3 product that contains 86% Omega-3, if there is a low level of the fatty acids that provide documented effect, named EPA and DHA. A high level of EPA and DHA will give you more health benefits.

What kind of health effects may EPA and DHA give?


EPA and DHA is well documented to help against different body inflammation. In new clinical studies it appears that it is the good fatty acid EPA that may give the best effect. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory or irritation state of the respiratory tract, a daily intake of a supplement with a high level of EPA could be a great relief for those who are bothered.

Joints and Mood

It is well documented that EPA and DHA help against stiff and wounded joints. Many studies have shown that a daily supplement of these fatty acids can reduce pain for them with muscle and skeletal disease if the level of EPA and DHA is right. New research shows that EPA likely is the fatty acid that has the best effect. To maintain a proper emotional balance as light depressions and birth depressions, new and interesting clinical studies shows that a high level of EPA will be helpful.

Brain and Vision

It is documented that DHA contributes to a normal brain and vision function. Since the body forms limited amounts of this fatty acid, DHA must be supplied through diet throughout life for the brain and vision to function normally. It is absolutely necessary for pregnant or breastfeeding women to get enough of the fatty acid so the baby's brain and visual function can develop normally.

We are personally interested in the good fatty acids EPA and DHA. This has led us to specialize in and reach an Omega-3 series with a very high content of EPA and DHA with 90% Triglycerides. We only supply pure Omega-3 products of very high quality adapted to different needs. In addition to our product range, we also make Private Label products.
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