Norwegian Purity delivers clean, high quality Omega-3 products with a high content of EPA and DHA produced and packaged in Norway.

While other Omega-3 manufacturers have a wide range of supplements, we have specialized in delivering clean Omega-3 products of very high quality.

We have personal interest in EPA and DHA and what these good fatty acids can do for the body. Every day we work for the world to understand that there is a big difference between most of the Omega-3 products on the market today and Norwegian Purity's products. We are proud that all our products are manufactured in Norway.

We want to educate the consumer with openness, professionalism and, in particular, the right information. We want to give all people the opportunity to discover the positive effect that high quality Omega-3 can have on the body and daily life.

Our close cooperation with one of the world's largest oil producers has made us able to put together a number of consumer-friendly products that we know will be welcomed. They have been producing fish oil for decades, using pure, sustainable and traceable raw materials. Thanks to them we can now deliver safe and clean Omega-3 products that have been scientifically proven in several clinical trials over the past twenty years.

We are well aware of the positive effect the good fatty acids EPA and DHA can have on life and we want to share this with everyone. We therefore hope that after trying our products, it will be understandable why we burn so much for EPA and DHA and why we are working so hard to make people see the big difference.

For our customers, collaborators and our own safety, all our productions will be through a quality check at Informed-Sport. They regularly test any of our products for prohibited substances and make sure that everything is manufactured to the strictest quality standards.

Please use our contact form if you have any questions or if you would like to have more information.